Mindfulness by The Humanity Approach

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Mindfulness by The Humanity Approach

Mindfulness Course by The Humanity Approach

Week 1 – Introduction to Mindfulness  (updated 5.5.21)

  • M1S1: What Mindfulness is not (Common Misconceptions) 
  • M1S2: What is Mindfulness 
  • M1S3: Why is Mindfulness important  
  • M1S4: What Mindfulness can do for you 
  • M1S5: How to practice Mindfulness

Week 2 – Four Keys to Mindful Living 

  • Attention 
  • Values 
  • Wisdom 
  • Openness 

Week 3 – Mindfulness and Stress 

  • Present moment awareness 
  • Guided body scan 
  • Strengthening Immune system  
  • Lowering stress response 
  • Respond vs React 

Week 4 – Maintaining a Mindfulness Practice • Mindful Mornings 

  • Mindful Eating 
  • The Power of the Pause 
  • Mindful Movement 
  • Mindful Driving 
  • Commitment to yourself

Prior to the course please take this Mindfulness Quiz